What is Functional Medicine?

The medicine of ‘WHY?’ So many of us have niggling issues ranging from bloating, digestion to more chronic long term health issues like headaches, inflammation, autoimmunity, arthritis etc. The mainstream medical paradigm is fantastic at dealing with acute care but unfortunately falls short with regards to chronic degenerative disease and often leads to a state of ‘there is nothing else we can do,’ which is the fault of the system not the doctors.

As a chiropractor and acupuncturist I have seen many people for many musculoskeletal conditions ranging from back pain, headaches to sports injuries but as with any investigation, diagnosis and treatment you must first figure out ‘WHY’ the condition/disease has occurred in the first place. Sadly, when it comes to chronic disease to determine why takes TIME which is so often not possible in the medical models of today. Functional Medicine takes the TIME to figure out your whole history from birth to present day, all factors influencing the person and the many multifactorial aspects of holistic health. We must investigate one’s genetics, environmental influences, predisposing factors, continual mitigating influences and our mind-set to truly understand a person health story.

Once you have the ‘why’ or ‘root causes’ then functional medicine takes a multi-arm approach that focuses on key principles of how we eat, move, rest, think and connect to influence the bodies expression of health. As we all are individuals with many considerations affecting our health another key focus of functional medicine is its personalised approach where plans and treatment are tailored to suit you, your lifestyle and your bodies individual needs. We are a complex web of interactions that influence a dynamic system; treating everyone with the same pill or care creates opportunities to fail or not to fully heal and thrive.

Humans are meant to thrive, our internal balance is set to health and our bodies and minds are always striving to the best they can. If we supply the right tools, remove the negative influences and support the system it is amazing what the human body can achieve. The partnership between you and your practitioner is a preventive, proactive and empowering with a goal of inspiring you to make better choices and choose health over disease. As functional medicine practitioners we know full well that it is YOU, your mind & body that does the healing we simply educate you and guide you on the path to a thriving healthy life.

To learn more about functional medicine visit my website at www.eatmovethriveforlife.com or check out the recent series on BBC 1 Doctor in the House with Dr Chatterjee for a look into how functional medicine can change your life.

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