Toxins – in your cookware, food storage and cosmetics?

In a world that is full of toxins, chemicals, fumes and pesticides how can you keep you and your family safe. Well the reality is that our world is riddled with so many toxins; in a study of the umbilical cord blood of new born babies (before they are ever exposed to the world) they found over 200 toxins present. What this means is not only are we exposed on a daily basis in our air, water, food and cosmetic products to chemicals and toxins but also that before we even enter the world we are loaded up with toxins. We are never going to be in our modern world toxin free and many of the toxins we are exposed to are harmless and our bodies can detoxify them but some toxins are persistent and the long term effects are unknown.

Perfluorooctanoic Acid (PFOA) is a toxin found in Teflon which we can find in Teflon coated cookware and in water supplies near Teflon industrial plants. PFOA is a persistent toxin that would take 95 years to get out of your system if you stopped being exposed to it on a regular basis. The worst exposure is with higher dose exposure that has occurred by inhaling fumes in plants or when it has leaked into water supply. In these instances it has been shown in humans to cause cancer (testicular, thyroid, ovarian, bladder, kidney and prostate), increases cholesterol, alters the immune system. Its important to note these effects have been shown in humans at high doses and lower does in rats and monkeys but not at low level exposures in humans.

So what does this mean well truthfully we don’t know as we haven’t had enough long term low level exposure to know if it will cause cancer, cardiovascular problems and immune system problems at low doses. As it stays in your system for 95 years or your entire life and we are exposed on a daily basis from high temperature cooking in Teflon pans (fumes are released) and other non-stick products it would be prudent to simply remove that exposure from our lives. Why risk that low level exposure when we know that there are so many toxins we are exposed to on a daily basis and when the fix is relatively simple – Teflon free cookware.

Another toxin that we are exposed to on a daily basis is BPA or bisphenol A which is a known endocrine or hormone disruptor and has been linked to breast cancer risk as well. BPA is present in all non-BPA plastics like storage containers, single use plastic – cutlery, water bottles, bags, cups, coating on tinned food and many more products. Studies are now showing the chemical used to replace BPA called BPS is showing to be more carcinogenic and hormone disrupting than BPA. The fix for BPA exposure is to remove plastics from your life as much as you can – use glass storage containers, get rid of cling film/saran wrap, cups, ceramic travel mugs for coffee, buy produce in paper, use metal or glass reusable water bottles and never heat food in a plastic container.

Now that I have explained why you should not use Teflon and BPA containing products, watch out for them in your cosmetic products you might want to know what to use instead. The best cookware is either high grade stainless steel, ceramic coated or cast iron cookware. The best storage is in either glass, stainless steel or ceramic containers. In cosmetics you need to look for toxin free, BPA free products that are kept in glass containers or at the very least BPA and BPS free containers.

What I use for cooking, storage and on my skin are listed below but you can do your research and ensure that you get toxin free products by asking suppliers and checking your labels.

1. Cookware – ours is stainless steel cook ware and ceramic coated pots, roasting trays and bakeware.
a. Zwilling Cookware is fabulous – Zwilling Cookware
b. Greenpan Cookware is also fabulous – Greenpan Cookware
2. Storage Containers – we use glass containers and jars to store our food and liquids
a. Lifefactory Containers – we love lifefactory as the glass has a silicone covering, making it easy for staking and storage without easily breaking. Life Factory Containers
b. Otherwise any glass container with a silicone lid or even BPA free lid will do just ensure you take the lid off before cooking in it.
c. Waterbottles and Coffee Cups – reusable glass, ceramic, stainless steel and bamboo water bottles and coffee cups keep your liquids safe and also save on single use cups/plastics to help save the environment. I really love – Lifefactory glass bottles and either ceramic or bamboo coffee cups – Bamboo Coffee Mug
3. Reusable Plastic Wrap – we use something called Beeswax wraps which are biodegradable, reusable beeswax coated wraps to use in place of plastic wrap to store food.
a. Beeswax Wraps is the brand we use – Beeswax Wraps
4. Toxin Free Cosmetic Brands – this is a tough one as there are so many companies out there with a whole host of toxins in their cosmetics so its best to check your lables but a few brands I use are:
a. Ren Skin & Body Care – Ren Skincare
b. Azara Natural Beauty Makeup – Azara Beauty

This is by no means an exhaustive list but a few ways that you can easily remove toxins from your life as well as helping to save the environment. By being more conscious of what our food is cooked in, stored in and comes in we can begin to remove toxins and chemicals from our daily exposure.


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