The Power of Food

Food is an essential resource that we must have to sustain oursleves but did you realise that the food you eat on a daily basis can either heal or harm your body.

Food as medicine is a concept that is somewhat forgotten in our society with all the packaged processed foods we see on the shelves and the lack of Real Food Consumption.

Food Can Harm:

  • Food can be inflammatory
  • Food can be disruptive to the gut
  • Food can cause allergies, sensitivities

If you eat the wrong foods this can not only reek havoc on your gut health, mental health, immune system and overall state of being.

Food Can Heal:

  • Food can be anti-inflammatory
  • Food can be medicine
  • Food can be heal the gut (intestines)
  • Food can be calming to the body and brain.

More often than not the big issue is that we no longer listen to the signals our bodies are giving us. Do you feel bloated after certain foods, do you react or feel tired, suffer from headaches, develop acne all of which are abnormal. The reaction or feeling from food can be delayed as well for a day, two days or even up to a week so we often do not correlate this to the consumption of the food. Food should give you a sense of nourishment, be a source of nutrients and minerals and offer you the ability to feel well.

Some amazingly healing foods (which are different for everyone):

  • Bone broth – super gut healingCollagen – needed for soft tissue repair and wound healing.
  • Dark Leafy Greens – offer a source of nutrients, vitamins and minerals
  • Bright Coloured Veg – supply us with an abundant supply of polyphenols, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals.
  • Fish – can be very anti-inflammatory and healing for the gut.

The best way to find out what foods you react to, irritate you, cause drain on your energy, mood or health is by performing an elimination diet. An elimination diet is a period of time where you cut out a bunch of foods, commonly the more common allergenic foods and then after 30 days without them you slowly and methodically reintroduce them to see how your body reacts and how you feel. In this way an elimination diet can be customised to your specific needs and tailored to your individual health. The information gained from doing an elimination diet is invaluable and can provide you with unexpected benefits often.

A recent patient of mine performed a full elimination diet where she removed all of her allergenic/immunogenic and common allergenic foods for 60 days. She has suffered from headaches since mid teens and now at 30 after years of chiropractic, soft tissue, medications she has found the true root cause – it was her food intolerances that were causing the headaches specifically for her sugar in large quantities, corn, soy and gluten. Without these foods in her diet she now does not suffer from headaches which is such a relief after 14 years of suffering. If your interested in going through an elimination diet, determining your specific intolerances, food reactions then contact Nicole at Eat Move Thrive for more information. We run group programs as well as one to one coaching.

Written by Nicole Paine, DC, BA Kin Physed, MSc Functional Medicine & Human Nutrition, Owner of Eat Move Thrive

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