Review of Wired to Eat by Robb Wolf – Review by Nicole Paine

Robb Wolf one of the modern Paleo Diet advocates just released this year a new book called ‘Wired to Eat’ which focuses on how to rewire your appetite and lose weight for good.

My personal anticipation for this book was great so once it arrived I attacked it with my highlighter as I always do with these sort of books to try and absorb as much information as I can. Robb’s clear writing style and concise explanations with real life examples makes this a digestible read for the lay person as well as packed full of information for the educated on the subject.

He focuses on the same concepts as Functional Medicine a personalised approach to health care and to nutrition and urges one to use this book as more of a manual to self-experiment and figure out what strategies are best for you and create a customised program for your individual needs.

One of the big themes of the book is that “Its not YOUR FAULT.” He is clear to explain there are no tricks, gimmicks and that real lasting change is hard work done by you. In a nutshell our modern Western world is at a mismatch with what our genetics say. Our genes have been wired to eat pretty near everything cause back in times when food was scarce you bet you would stuff your face cause you may not know where your next meal is coming from. This ability to ‘stuff our faces’ and wiring to eat was an asset back then but in the modern world of abundant processed foods that require little or no effort to obtain this creates a real problem. Your brain is saying eat, eat, keep eating and the food is there so what do we do – eat, eat and keep eating. The other major issue with our food supply is the processed hyper palatable nature of our foods in that they trigger hormones in our brains and make us crave them even more which is a signal many of us cannot control.

So what is Robb’s solution well as with many of us nutrition and functional medicine professionals – EAT REAL WHOLE UNPROCESSED FOOD – that is to say simple food and if you can work to get it even its just carrying it from the store to your house by expending some energy we begin to tip the balance on the scales. Whole real unprocessed food with a balance of fat, protein and carbohydrates will allow us to become full naturally and our innate satiety (fullness) signals will kick in. When we eat those hyper palatable foods like chocolate, crisps/chips or processed foods laden with salt, sugar and fat the switch is overridden and we have a very hard time stopping.

So in an nutshell we are wired to eat simple, unprocessed foods and move to a fair extent in order to procure the food. So Eat Move and Thrive as I always say.

Robb’s book includes a full 30 day meal plan and some specialised bespoke testing to figure out foods that work best for you. I highly recommend the book and its sold where most books are sold Amazon and other retailers.

Eat Move Thrive


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