Rest, Relax and Recharge – What REST means to Eat Move Thrive

Modern society and culture is go, go, go with little time to relax, unwind and recharge our batteries. With personal electronic devices keeping us connected 24/7 the constant bombardment of information can be overwhelming, over-stimulating and exhausting for our brains. Humans can only focus well on one task at a time and the constant distraction or split focus often leaves us wired and tired. We have little time to truly relax, rest, be present and restore our minds and bodies.

We are getting by with less and less sleep and an ever increasing burden of daily stress to manage. This missing rest in our lives prevents us from being able to focus, be creative, unwind and truly thrive.

The main principles to rest, relax and recharge are:

  1. Make Sleep a Priority. Sleep comes naturally but making it a priority and training for quality sleep we can get the most of our time spent in bed. Many of us today are sleeping 6 hours or less when our bodies are often screaming out for 8 or 9 hours of quality, undisrupted sleep. Quality restorative sleep is important for healthy metabolism, circadian rhythms, blood sugar, the mind, healing and emotional wellbeing.
  2. Make Your Bedroom a Sacred Space For Sleep. Your sacred sleep cave should be pitch black, noiseless and calming. Our eyes and skin cells sense any light that creeps in causing us to wake slightly and stops us from acquiring deep restorative sleep. How many of us have some light seeping into our bedrooms at night? Sleep distractions can be numerous and by minimising or removing as many as you can, you cancreate a space that allows you to unwind, relax and genuinely rest. Create your own evening routine by disconnecting from all electronic devices at least 1 hour before bed, ensure there is no light or noise pollution, dim the lights and spend that last hour doing an activity that is relaxing for your brain.
  3. Meditate Daily – even if it’s for only 3 minutes. Take the time to be present, breathe and focus on you for 3 minutes or more each day. Mediation has been shown to calm the nervous system, relax tense muscles, focus the brain and inspire creativity. Our only conscious control over our nervous system and brain is our breathing so take the time to create that calming space where you disconnect from devices and rest your mind.
  4. Take Time For Yourself. So many of us are busy with work, families and friends that we never have time for ourselves to really rest and recuperate. By taking even just a moment for yourself, you calm the mind and body and allow some restoration to occur. Try taking a hot bath, a walk in nature or 10 minutes to just sit and be present with your thoughts can provide you with the peace and sense of control we so often desire.
  5. Be Present. So often we are thinking of the next task we have to get done, overlooking the task at hand and the enjoyment right in front of us. Being present can be applied to eating, walking, playing or engaging in exercise. Whatever you choose, if you stay present you can appreciate the beauty of the moment. Being present allows us a deeper appreciation of the now and gratitude for what we have in our lives.

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