Current Programs

7 Day Health Kick Start – FREE

In this FREE online 7-day health kick start program you will begin your journey towards a healthy thriving life. This course is filled with content that will give you a framework to learning how to eat, move, rest, think and connect your way to health.

Kick Start your way to:

  • Increased Energy
  • Weight Loss
  • Better Sleep
  • Controlling food cravings
  • Moving Better
  • Changing your health mindset

To learn more about the 7 Day Kick Start or to sign up click the button below. 

7 Day Kick Start

8 Week Health Reset – £595

An 8 week plan that you customise to your lifestyle and needs. The course provides support, live interaction, weekly video and audio content, recipes, Q&A sessions and a template to overhaul your life. if your ready for change, to RECLAIM your health and thrive then Sign up Today. Click the link for more info and to buy the program now.

Create lasting long term change to your health today:

  • Increased Energy
  • Lose Weight
  • Sleep Better
  • Move Better
  • Improved connections
  • Think and Thrive
8 Week Health Reset

One to One Functional Medicine Coaching

Our functional medicine approach is focused on you and finding the root causes to your conditions or diseases. By using a bespoke individualised approach we can tailor your plan to suit you specific stresses, work, environment and lifestyle. To learn more about one to one coaching click the button below.

One to One Coaching
“We are almost entirely new cells every 10 years – movement is the dialect your cells understand – move to influence cellular expression”Nicole Paine, DC, MSc