Is your pillow causing your neck pain?

In our modern society we have so many comforts, technological advances and hacks to make our life easier and more efficient but is this always a good idea. We have apps, automatic door openers, chairs and so much more that provide us with comfort and convenience. Even the cushy pillows we lay our head down on at night can be seen as both a comfort and a convenience.

Do you suffer from neck pain, headaches and shoulder pain? Do you wake up with pain, stiffness or headaches – your pillow may be the cause of all this. Why would this be? Well our natural posture is not a flexed forward posture and prior to our modern comforts we did not have fluffy big pillows that propped our heads up. Think about the positioning all night is your neck slightly stretched, strained from the bulk of your pillow?

Remember as a baby and child we also slept flat without pillows or props and didn’t suffer form neck pain, headaches…..of course there are many other factors that affect neck pain and headaches. I am trying to highlight one cause that maybe you have not thought of… your pillow your crutch?

Katy Bowman speaks about how to transition from using pillows to no pillows and while your at it she would take away the comforts of chairs, big cushy beds and more but we will leave that for another time. To see what Katy says about transitioning click here.

Ensure you speak to your doctor before making any changes to your sleep position or if you are suffering seek advice to determine what’s going on first. To learn how we can help with neck pain, neck mobility and more visit Live Free Wellness.

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