One to One Functional Medicine & Functional Nutrition

At Eat Move Thrive our functional medicine approach is focused on you and finding the root causes to your conditions or diseases that are unique to you and your lifestyle. By using a bespoke individualised approach we can tailor your plan to suit you specific stresses, work, environment and life.

First and foremost we are guided by the 4 Ps of Functional Medicine

  • Personalised Care – no cookie cutter care only individualised bespoke plans.
  • Proactive – measures to optimise health & mitigate negative influences are paramount.
  • Predictive – understanding your unique genetic & environmental influences to prevent is key.
  • Participatory – a partnership between the therapist and client along with active participation and habit change an essential component of the approach. You and your body are the healers, we are facilitators & teachers.

All new patients undergo a full initial history and examination lasting 60 minutes in person and a 2 follow up sessions one to implement the plan and one one month after to check in. The package includes 2-3 hours of planning, analysis and research time done by the practitioner.

You will be required to complete a 5 day food diary, questionnaires and possibly some specific lab testing (at additional cost) to determine the best course of care.

Email exchange/advise is included between appointments and for 2 weeks following the last session.

Our current fee schedule for 1:1 Initial Assessment Package Includes:

  • 60 min initial consult,
  • 60 min follow up with plan implementation,
  • 30 min follow up after 1 month
  • 2-3 hours work by practitioner at home to assess and design plan

      Other Appointment Types & Fees

      • Follow Up 30 – £125 (Skype or in person)
      • Follow Up 60 – £175 (Skype/phone only)
      • Full Lab/Nutritional Analysis – £250 (paid up front includes 30 min explanation)

      Currently we are not accepting New Patients we will be soon – if you would like to be placed on our waitlist please sign up for our newsletter and leave a waitlist request in the queries section. 

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Nicole Paine, DC, MSc