Mobility & Movement at Your Desk!

Do you sit all day without moving,? Do you finish the day with stiff, tight neck and shoulders? The media has been focusing on standing desks, getting moving, walking to and from work but is that enough. Are you moving the joints of your neck, shoulders, upper back to stop the stiffness and tightness from setting in?

Not only are we sitting more and more each day but we are actually moving the other joints of our bodies less and less. When was the last time you hung from a bar? Lifted your shoulders overhead except to reach for your coffee mug?

Ideally we should be moving all joints of our bodies each one every day to their full range of motion and attempting to not only maintain mobility but improve it on a daily basis.

This simple mobility drill for your neck, shoulders and upper back can be done while sitting – but I would highly recommend standing up so you gain from the movement in your legs. Its simple, effective and gets the joints of the neck, shoulders, upper back, elbows and wrists moving.

Click here for the Video of the drill and follow along.

Try performing it 3-4 times per day to break up the day – it only takes 2 min to perform so its a perfect routine to do while waiting for the kettle to boil, at lunchtime or as a simple break. Benefits include increasing blood flow, joint mobility, increased range of motion, pain relief for some and reduction in stiffness and tension. The exercises should be done with some internal tension/contraction at about 30 % and to YOUR end range of motion – listen to your body.


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