Ketosis – a natural human state

Ketosis is defined as a normal metabolic state where the body is burning ketones or fat for fuel rather than glucose or sugar. As a hunter gatherer species we would have been without food for hours, days and possibly extended periods of time. Now not that I am advocating fasting for many days at a time but with the overabundance of food in the western world today many of use never have time to allow our bodies to rest without consuming food. Our immune systems when fasting do clean up and it allows a rest for our digestive systems. If you have never tried fasting or ketosis then start slowly and build your way up and as always ask your doctor before starting any diet plan or change.

Some of the numerous benefits of burning ketones as a fuel source instead of glucose include:

• Weight Loss specifically Fat Loss
• Mental Focus and Clarity
• Blood Sugar Balance
• Increased Energy
• Appetite Control
• Increases Good HDL cholesterol
• Lowers Blood Pressure
• Anti-cancer
• Anti-inflammatory

Good FATs – yes there are good fats and we need them for essential human functioning and for making good hormones, proper brain health and much more…here are some examples of good fats:

• Avocados
• Grass Fed Butter and Ghee
• Wild Fish and Seafood
• Quality Full Fat Dairy if you tolerate it (cows dairy and or goat dairy) Quality includes grass fed, non GMO, organic and raw if you can get it.
• Coconut Milk and Cream
• Olive Oil (esp extra virgin)
• Cold pressed nut oils and flaxseed oil
• Nuts – raw unprocessed
• Seeds – pumpkin, sunflower, chia, hemp hearts, sesame
• Animal fat from quality sources (grassfed, pastured)
• Coconut Oil
• Cacao Butter
• MCT Oil (medium chain triglycerides)

Just to ensure there is no confusion here is a list of some BAD fats for you as well…

• Industrial Seed Oils – Canola/Rapeseed, Vegetable Oils, Sunflower, Safflower oils
• Fats found in processed baked goods
• Deep Fried Foods
• Crisps – these are covered in rancid fats
• Poor quality diary – not grass fed, non organic, GMO
• Fat from meat of poor quality – if your animal eats inflammatory foods it will make fat that is inflammatory (corn /grain fed meats). Animals should eat their natural diet
• Farmed Fish and seafood – same idea with meat they are given inflammatory foods such as corn and soy rather than their natural diet.

Another way to get in some healthy fats and introduce your body to ketosis is trying a FAT coffee or Bulletproof coffee. Here is a short video of how to make it yourself at home.

Alternately the use of Ketone Supplements are another way to kick start ketosis or aid in keeping yourself in a ketotic or fat burning state. On the market there are a few products but you want to ensure you get quality as well as ones that are not full of other fillers and additives. Here is a short video explainging how Ketosis works and what it does to your body. If you are interested in Ketone Supplements to kick start your health contact me Nicole at

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