Healthy Gut Healing Gummies

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This is one of my absolute favourite recipes to make they are full of gut healing gelatin that will help heal your leaky gut, calm your immune system and provide you with some healthy protein. I use great lakes unflavoured gelatin (buy it here). There are other types out there including vegan/vegetarian ones with a little searching you can find the right source for you. I like to use fresh fruit in my gummies as I find that the flavour is more powerful, you can use fresh juice or your choice its such an easy recipe to swap in and out what you like. If using fruit with pips/seeds I would strain it so there are not bitty pieces in your gummies. These gummies are made with a large silicone bear mould mainly cause I really love how cute the bears are but you can buy other moulds or just use a baking tray and cut them into squares. Kids love these and with just a bit of honey they are fab for a treat for your wee ones. Hope you enjoy one of my favourite snacks see the pdf downloadable recipe below to save it to your computer.

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