5 Foundations of Health

Welcome to Eat Move Thrive where we focus on the 5 foundations to health in order to eat, move, rest, think and connect your way to a thriving life. A healthy, abundant life is within your reach. Strive to thrive, reclaim your health today.

Eat Simple Real Food
Move More, Move Better
Rest, Relax, Recharge
Think, Be Creative, Find Purpose
Connect to Humans Not Devices


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Kicking Off – Monday May 22nd, 2017

Health Kick Start is a FREE 7 Day online course that will kick start your health journey. You will be taught the 5 foundations to health – Eat Well, Move Better, Rest, Think and Connect. The program is delivered in videos, audio, live Facebook sessions, closed online group support and lots of educational content. You will receive a full 7 day food plan, move plan, rest, think and connect plan to kick start your way to a healthy thriving life.

7 Day Health Kick Start

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