Awaiting your arrival……

Anticipating your arrival………well its been almost 10 months did you know that pregnancy is counted in 10 months not 9 – well the first 2 weeks are really just from your last period so full gestation is actually 9 ½ months learned that at the beginning.

It’s a weird thing waiting for your arrival where from week 28 onwards I was saying daily stay in there as I had risk of preterm labour well good job you already listened well to your mom (sounds so weird to say that) well and stayed in now if you don’t mind listening again and come out ASAP. I would not only like to meet you see what you are – girl / boy / monkey? Who knows and what you look like but also to be honest its now getting uncomfortable – I mean I am happy to do it but really everything is stretching, your getting heavier by the day and we are ready now!

We moved into your new house in Wimbledon – the carpenters are creating you a wardrobe, we have your birthing pool and all the essentials for you to arrive safely at home ready, tested and waiting. Very kindly you have given me a few days to sleep in, relax, read and chill now is your time.

Its so weird to think that not long now and you will be a full fledged tiny baby human that we have to take after 24 hours per day for the rest of our lives well till you can wipe your own bum, cook your own meals and fend for yourself – although I think the truth is it never really ends but rather changes. Your nieces are excited to meet you, your grandparents are excited as are all our other friends and family.

I know everyone says you are never ready for the sleep deprivation and the life change but I think although it will be hard sometimes we are ready and up to the task at hand, learning as we go and trying to make the most of it for you to have the best life.

We want for you all that you can think, dream, imagine in the world and the ability to know in your heart you can do anything you put your mind to. We want to teach you to be confident, strong, caring, sensitive and above all loving and accepting in a world that can be cruel, harsh and honest to say the least. If you know that even though life can be hard sometimes, we support you, love you, and are there for you no matter what I think you will turn out all right. You have to know that sometimes life won’t give you exactly what you want and that there will be setbacks, lessons to be learned but in the end nothing worth its salt is easy in life and the real testament to your nature, drive and resilience is that when you fail (and you will we all do) you get up try again and work harder next time, learning from the experience. You have to be unafraid to put yourself out there to live, love and get hurt occasionally and only then will you find a real authentic life where you find true joy, love and meaning.

Live Free my little one I wrote this over 10 years ago in memory of your Grandfather who would have been over the moon to meet you, cuddle you, learn and watch you grow. He will never meet you but I can impart my lessons from him to you and hope that you can learn to Live Free as he did everyday!


Dream Free
Dream with the naiveté of a child, when you believe anything was possible.

Speak Free
Speak from the heart, truly open and honest.

Sing Free
Sing at the top of your lungs like a rock star.

Laugh Free
Laugh from your soul; let your laughter infect others.

Dance Free
Dance like nobody’s watching; and if they are you don’t care.

Love Free
Love without fear, with your whole self and your whole heart.

Smile Free
Smile like you just won the lottery, let your internal radiance shine.

Learn Free
Learn and absorb all you can with an open mind.

Play Free
Play for the love of the game and the love of life.

Walk Free
Walk with confidence and poise.

Feel Free
Feel all the passion, excitement, anger, sadness, and love that life has to offer.

Think Free
Think with open intention and without fear of judgment.

Believe Free
Believe in yourself and imagine what and who you can be.

Live Free
Live in the moment, live for the now, cause tomorrow may never be.

by Nicole Paine aka mama

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