Nicole Paine, DC, BA, MSc

Ever since I was a child I have been moving, active, playing sports and living life to the fullest. Movement has always been a part of my soul, it gives me connection, experience, ambition and allows me to express myself. My sporting life began with athletics where it allowed me to feel what it was like to be truly present and to feel well. Today movement is so much more than exercise, it is self expression, connection to nature and allows me to feel really alive and present in the moment.

My health story…. or ill health began in my late teens when I started to suffer from digestive issues. I started to experimenting and trying to figure out what might be causing the problem. After years of bloating, gas, digestive upset and 15 years I finally began to unravel the root causes of my issues finding life changing solutions. My digestive upset, food reactions, weight gain, cravings, fatigue, failure to thrive were all multi-causal and took an approach that considered searching for those underlying factors to get to the bottom of my imbalances and heal.

Initially it was food that would begin my healing; real, whole, unprocessed food that nourishes, energises, detoxifies and communicates with my body. Identifying food intolerances, healing my gut, sleeping, restoring my mind, forging connections, finding inspiration and rediscovering my passion for movement all were pieces that lead me closer figuring out the puzzle. This health journey has seen me train and become a chiropractor, open and run successful businesses, compete in Ironman triathlons, find love and recently go back to school to complete a Masters of Science in Human Nutrition and Functional Medicine from the University of Western States.

Learning and further education has always been a part of my soul that drives me to continue exploring the human body physically, mentally and emotionally. After 8 years working as a successful chiropractor and clinic owner, I knew there was more to picture than passive manual treatment. So many people today have physical ailments that are caused or influenced by poor diets, stress, sedentism, dysregulated sleep, and a lack of social connection or support.

Functional medicine has taught me to never stop asking ‘why’ and continue digging to find the root cause of each individual’s illness. Its really not enough to provide pain relief or symptom reduction we must be looking at eliminating those interconnected imbalances and truly finding the root cause in order to make a life changing impact on the whole health of patients.

The real power of functional medicine lies in that you the patient have the power to change your own life, restore health and truly thrive. My vision for the future is to create a place where people feel safe, can find answers, gain knowledge, be inspired, work together to achieve their goals and become the healthy thriving humans you are meant to be.

Fun Facts about Nicole

Nicole loves sport including Crossfit, triathlons, marathons and has always been active since she was 4 years old in her local athletics club. Nicole loves creating weather it be food, baking, handmade jewellery or blogging about one of her passions. She has been eating Paleo since 2010 and found it to be a major factor in her health recovery and continues to learn everyday how to optimise her families and own life to thrive. Canadian born she has been living in the UK since 2007 and has her own successful Chiropractic & Wellness Clinic in Putney called Live Free Wellness for the last 4 years. Last year Nicole decided to have a 7 week sabbatical of travelling where she hung out with Orangutang’s in Borneo, hiked over 14,000 feet in British Columbia finishing it all off with realising a long standing dream to travel to Peru, hike the Inka Trail and explore the Amazon.

Her motto for many years has been to Live Free without hesitation, with passion and to ‘Go confidently in the direction of your dreams, Live the life you imagined (Thoreau)”

‘Set the bar high, don’t settle, live a life uncommon.’ – Nicole Paine

“Forge a tribe of dreamers, believers, achievers and thinkers but most of all with those who support you, love you and see your potential.”
– Nicole Paine

Nicole Paine, DC, BA, MSc – Qualifications

Degrees & Diplomas
Doctor of Chiropractic – CMCC, Canada, 2006
Masters Functional Medicine & Human Nutrition – UWS, USA, 2017
Bachelors of Arts Kinesiology & Physed – WLU, Canada, 2002

Other Qualifications, Certifications & Courses
Certified Acupuncturist – Sri Lanka, 2004
Functional Range Conditioning Mobility Specialist – FRC®ms
Full Body Certified Active Release Techniques – ART®
Functional Range Release – Full Body Certified – FR®
Kinstretch Certified TM
Functional Range Assessment – FRA®
ART® Assistant Instructor Europe
Biomechanics ART®
Complex Protocols, Active Palpation ART®
Long Tract Nerves ART®
Kinesiotaping 1 & 2
Dry Needling level 1 – AECC
Paediatric Seminar – AECC