8 Week Health Reset

Current course began Monday July 3rd
(courses dates are set on an individual basis upon need)

Interested in the 8 Week Challenge

Cost £595

(Equivalent of 1 personal training session a week)

In this interactive online 8 Week program you will get all the tools to reset and reclaim your health. The program is delivered online with live interaction with the course facilitator (Nicole Paine), closed Facebook group to interact with your peers, videos, audio files, educational material. Begin your health journey from the comfort of your home at when it suits you.

What sets us apart from all the online programs?

Our program teaches you the tools to create the best diet for you, the best movement plan for you and how to rest, think and connect that works for you and your lifestyle. No cookie cutter plans here – you begin with a template and customise it to suit your needs and your lifestyle.

We care about you and your health. We want to share our knowledge and experience to work together in a partnership towards wellness. Learn how to apply the 5 foundations to health to reclaim your health and live a thriving life.

  1. Eat Simple Real Food
  2. Move More, Move Better
  3. Rest, Relax, Recharge
  4. Think, Be Creative, Find Purpose
  5. Connect to Humans Not Devices

Common change participants report after 8 weeks:

  • Increased Energy
  • More restful, restorative sleep
  • Move and feel better
  • Lose weight
  • Improved focus, clearer mind
  • Reduced food cravings and better satisfaction after eating
  • Better connection with your loved ones
  • To thrive

Everyone is given:

  • 8 Week Eat Plan – what to eat, what not to eat, tips on eating out etc.
  • 8 Week Move Plan – move plan to suit your lifestyle
  • 8 Week Rest Plan – plan to achieve quality, restorative sleep
  • 8 Week Think Plan – thinking to thrive, find your purpose
  • 8 Week Connect Plan – learn how to connect to loved ones better
  • Workout videos – HIIT, mobility and more.
  • Recipes & Interactive cooking videos
  • Audio, meditation and breathing sequences
  • Weekly Facebook Live – where you can ask questions, share, interact
  • A way to change your whole health – eating, moving, resting, thinking and connecting.
  • FREE 15 min individual Skype consult during the 8 weeks.
  • Weekly and Daily Support – we are doing this together.

What our clients are saying about us

“Eat Move Thrive has given me the tools to take my own health into my hands and it has changed my life forever, I cannot recommend it enough”

Sarah, Toronto, Canada
“Having been a patient of Nicole’s for over 9 years I can categorically say my life would be very different right now without Nicole’s help, treatments, sound advice and therapies.”

Tanya, London, UK
“The program is so full of information, interaction with videos, live chats. I found it so applicable, useful and easy to navigate. If you want to change your health, then the 8 week program is for you”

Jenny, Manchester, UK
“Nicole has seen me through a number of issues, including: migraines; disc protrusion; ongoing neck pain due to historic injury; inflamed knees and rehab following foot surgery. I find Nicole’s approach to each and every situation consistently thorough and considered. Nicole is not just looking to alleviate that pain at that moment, she seeks to understand what has caused the problem and how we can address it going forward. “

Louise, London, UK

8 Week Health Reset Program

Cost £595

(Cost of one personal training session a week)