Eat Move Thrive is an online functional medicine coaching platform where we offer both bespoke individual care as well as group programs to reset and reclaim your health.

All our programs are personalised, preventive, proactive, participatory with a goal of educating and empowering you the client to take an active role in your own health.

Functional medicine is the medicine of ‘why,’ is aimed at finding the root cause of chronic ailments and at EMT the guiding foundations are to eat, move, rest, think and connect well.

If your ready to take back your life and RECLAIM your health  have a look at our programs offered and contact us today.

Humans are made of more than 37 billion cells. To thrive our cells, require constant input and information. Through food, mindset, connection and movement, you can speak to our cells. You have the power to influence your cellsNicole Paine, DC, MSc

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